Maintenance Feedback

“They were so good and polite.” Fatina H.

“Thanks for all and everything you have done for me.” Hiran M.

“I appreciate the building maintenance for giving good response and my Sibley Manor Apartment management.” Kebede L.

“Good staff – know their craft.” Matthias S.

“Always courteous, sincere and helpful. Always professional same day service. So happy to call this my home. Your management team is stellar. Thank you!” Scott J.

“I have been requested maintenance a few times and the staff always responds quick. Thank you.” Gebremedin G.

“Your staff is doing a great job. I am happy with the good job they did. Thank you so much. God bless you.” Beza W.

“I am very happy to live at Sibley Manor Apartments, because of the way they take care of their building. So far everything is good!” Hayat F.

“Thank you for your good and best services.” Ashenafi D.

“It is always nice to have a good and fast response in case of emergency.” Ketema T.

“You guys are doing a great job. Thank you so much, we appreciate that.” Habtom W.

“Every maintenance person that we’ve met has always been very kind and professional. You have a great maintenance staff!” Maegen G.

“Your service is perfect. Thank you for your hard and professional job. It’s very convenient to live here. Thanks a lot! We wish you to be always successful, happy and healthy.” Raisa T.

“They do a good job.” Bisrat G.

“I am highly appreciative for urgent and important response to my requests.” Gebresenbet S.

“The maintenance crew are the best!” Carl K.

“I continue to live here because I feel maintenance work here is GREAT and friendly!” Darlene S.

“Sibley’s staff is always professional and friendly.” Candace C.

“Almost all of your staff have been to our apartment to fix something over the years. All of the repairs have been good and the staff is polite and courteous. They’re perfect. We feel good a lot when they come to help us. Thanks to all you guys.” Gioi N.

“The staff repair the problem as per required and I really appreciate that.” Mohamed A.

“On behalf of this maintenance, I have a good feeling. Thank you.” Bonsa O.

“Every time when your staff comes to our house, they come politely and clean up after themselves. We appreciate that.” Amanuel W.

“Thank you so much for the work that was done.” Fidel S.

“I just appreciate the quick response from the front desk and maintenance. I really thank you!” Yosef M.

“Wonderful service. We thank you for your perfect service.” Sebesebe K.

“Sibley Apartments is the best place in St. Paul. If I have to move to another place, I am going to miss it.” Mestawat T.

“Great maintenance crew, friendly, respectful!” Arlene B.

“I think the guys are doing a great job, in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!” Walter H.

“Dear Katherine: I appreciate all the response your staff is doing. I lived here for more than 21 years and I have never complained about anything. Thank you very much.” Leya M.

“No suggestions to be had. Any problems & responsibilities are taken care of by your staff. Thank you and I appreciate it.” Abey B.

“I know, sometimes employees never comply with management order, as any kind of job. But, I want to thank you for your letter (survey). It’s the only way management can know if their employees are doing their job. Thank you!!” Justo T.

“Very good service.” Getachew H.

“Thanks a lot for your excellent job. Kevin did a perfect job in my apartment. We like to live here and we appreciate your care of us. Thanks again many times.” Raisa T.

“Thank you for responding immediately whenever we ask for maintenance.” Geremew S.

“Everything is excellent.” Pablo V.

“Thanks for everything and keeping up with repairs and a fast response time.” Maria V.

“Victor is also polite and does great work!” Ronald K.

“I have made three or four maintenance calls over the years and in all cases, they come immediately and fixed the items.” Gebremedin G.

“He did a very good job so we really appreciate that. Thank you so much for your great service.” Habtom W.

“Great attention. Thanks.” Lorenzo J.

“Thank you so much for fixing the problem!” Shalanda M.

“We got an excellent service.” Yosef M.

“Keep up the good job.” Wondiye E.

“Excellent.” Helen H.

“You guys are awesome & keep it up.” Miheret W.

“I think the maintenance team is doing a fantastic job.” Mimi B.

“Great service!” Geoffrey S.

“Sibley Apartments – everything is good. It’s a nice place to live. It’s a safe place. So keep going – good job.” Netsanet L.

“When we need some help with any problem for our apartment, your staff comes and repairs very professionally as soon as possible. Once again, thanks a lot.” Gioi N.

“Great service!” Geoffrey S.

“Very good service. Keep it up. They are on time when we need them.” Abebe Y.

“Maintenance requested was repaired as per required. I really appreciate the work done. Thanks.” Mohamed A.

“He has come to my house twice and he has been doing a great job.” Josue A.

“Maintenance was awesome.” Kidest T.

“The work was done good and perfect.” Mercy M.

“He was so nice & awesome!” Chala Y.

“I am satisfied with your staff.” Sintayehu B.

“Everything is ok. Thanks for all.” Emebet D.

“I am very happy for your service. May God bless you. Thanks.” Helen H.

“It is good you respond fast. We like it. Thank you!!” Yemanebirhan D.

“I am grateful to all the staff for their good work. They are always polite and courteous. Thank you, John. He is a good professional.” Leya M.

“Thanks a lot to your staff who came to my apartment to repair some problems. Everything is done and good now. Once again, thank you everybody.” Gioi N.

“The maintenance worker responded on the same day I reported the problem and it was resolved by the time I came home from work. Timely & excellent service!” Cody D.

“You are doing a good job.” Amare Y.

New Tenant Feedback

“Everything is good. I am so happy.” Wondimu W.

“I am happy for what the management did for me!!!” Melaku T.

“Thank you for having me as a tenant. You all just don’t know how happy I am to be here, in this quiet place. There’s no drama, no loud noise, I love it here.” Shalonda C.

“The office crew is the best!!!” Steven S.

“I really appreciate all the Sibley Manor Apartment staff and for their cooperation.” Eyerusalem S.

“I like this place. It is a safe place to live and quiet.” Eliege S.

“So far so good.” Benam S.

“Your staff is very friendly when we call. When we want something they give answer immediately. We appreciate it. Keep it up.” Gizachew T.

“I am very happy to Sibley Manor Apartment and their customer service. Keep it up!” Abiyote T.

“Great place to live so far.” Sharon M.

“You were amazing! No issues with transferring to the new place.” Michelle F.

“I personally think you’re doing great! For me, it was like coming back home and I would like to thank you all! Especially, Kathy, for your concern when I had a bad experience two years ago.” Nathan T.

“I appreciate Sibley Manor Apartment management to help me in anything and answering my questions. And always asking with interest again. God bless this management.” Kebede L.

“Nice and quiet and friendly neighbors.” Henry H.

“It was more than what I expected. It’s beautiful.” Mahogany C.

“Mrs. Kathy! I personally appreciate your help!” Zewdie A.

“Sibley Manor Apartments manager is a very good manager.” Tilahun L.

“I really appreciate the quick response from the ladies in the office the few instances that I needed help.” Alloyce O.

Notes from Past Tenants

“Hey! Thank you for all your help & understanding in my moving process! I truly appreciate all of you! : ) Best,” Alicia P.

“I and family want to thank a lot anything which manager and staff helped within 23 years ago. We always miss you all. Once again, we want to thank a lot Sibley Manor and all your staff.” Gioi N.

Website Testimonials

“I love living here because I can go across the street and get anything I wanted!! (Food, beer and John Wayne books from Coopers). I meet a lot of good people that I like, including the workers at Sibley Manor. I feel safe sitting outside at 3:00 am having a beer!” Tim A. (Tenant since 1979)

“Sibley Manor Apartments is good for shelter for many people. Sibley has a good location being near stores, groceries, bus stop and close to the Mississippi River. I have been completely satisfied with this location for the last 21 years. And finally, it has a good property manager, Katherine Bell, with her working staff, they are always helpful to tenants who need something.” Pavel K. (Tenant 1996 – 2019)

“I am very happy living here; it is a very quiet and peaceful place to live.” Luis R. (Tenant since 2007)

“I have been living here since 2007. I love the area; it’s a really nice neighborhood. It has a park for kids; my granddaughters love to come visit me because there’s always something fun to do and I know they can be outside with no problems. Whenever there’s something wrong with my apartment, they always come right away. There’s always someone nice helping you in the office. I love living here.” Salvador H. (Tenant since 2007)

“I have lived here for over two decades and it is home. I love the cultural diversity, it’s a safe neighborhood and quick access to both St. Paul and Minneapolis. The staff here are exceptionally kind and repairs or problems are always handled quickly. The owner and manager truly care about their tenants and treat them as friends. I highly recommend living here!” Geoffrey S. (Tenant since 1990)

“Staff is very helpful and helped when I was sick at my apartment. The price is affordable; the rent is not expensive like other places. I love it here for service and everything. Thank you Sibley manager and staff.” Fowsia E. (Tenant 2017-2018)

“I am enjoying my stay here at Sibley Manor Apartments. They take great care of the grounds and are prompt dealing with apartment issues. The office staff is always willing to listen and help. I have enjoyed working in the community garden and some of the events planned by Sibley Manor. This is a great, safe, secure and diverse place to live and enjoy.” Robin G. (Tenant since 2013)

“Sibley management has been so wonderful with their hospitality. In 19 years living in Sibley Manor Apartments, it has been a wonderful life and a great place to live.” Fidel S. (Tenant since 1998)

“The best centrally located apartment complex. Great walking trails close to the Mississippi River. The management and staff are very professional and friendly. The service and maintenance make sure repairs are carried out immediately. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Great community and very friendly atmosphere. The value is well worth the price We would definitely recommend this place!” Abdirahim A. (Tenant 2008 – 2019)

“I love this apartment. It’s bright and sunny and just the right size. Maintenance is always a phone call away. They are professional and courteous. Office staff is there to help for whatever you need.” Candace C. (Tenant since 2010)

“Sibley Manor attracted me for the community I found here and the easy access to transportation and other necessities. Not only is the setting beautiful, but it is well take care of, year round. I have never encountered any major problems in my eight years living here and only minor problems were immediately addressed by staff. Thank you Sibley for allowing my family to make this place home. I wish you would continue to prosper for many years to come.” Yemanebirhan D. & Elfinish B. (Tenants 2009 – 2021)

“Seven years ago I was working long hours on overnight shift for the US Postal Service and needed to move closer to work in St. Paul / Eagan area, as I was living in Anoka. I had went to several apartments areas and all were interesting. When I came to Sibley Manor one morning after work and decided to check out one of the apartments, I was impressed. I really felt comfortable, so much that I laid on the floor and fell asleep. I am unsure how I awoke, but when I went to the office, I told them I would take the apartment and they would contact me. I got the apartment, moved in and have loved living here ever since. Thank you for thinking of me! God bless!” John K. (Tenant 2010 – 2017)

“We enjoy our life here. The management is like family. Transit makes it easy to get from home to anywhere we want to go. We appreciate all the efforts made to get the Mobile Market when the grocery store across the street closed – you didn’t have to do that!” James & Irene M. (Tenants since 2007)

“Sibley Manor Apartments provides some acceptable convenience as a place to live for a family on transition. The community nature is good for families needing to settle into the Country, migrating from other countries. Children find good peers to relate with, good schools to attend. Adults find ease to commute to work and social activities. Churches that provide good community interactions, the Highland Park atmosphere, proximity to downtown, easy access to busses, all make Sibley a choice place to live! The management responds to tenant requests promptly.” Benjamin O. (Tenants 2014 - 2018)

“What I like: 1) West and North cross-ventilation windows – other apartments don’t have it and I like fresh air. 2) Hardwood floors; 3) Kitchen and bathroom with windows.” Regina K. (Tenant since 1993)

“I have been living here for the past 6 years raising my kids. A great place to call home in a strategic area. A little old, but well kept property and peaceful community. The entire staff and maintenance are always friendly and quick to respond. I have loved my time here. It does not take more than 15 minutes to either Minneapolis or St. Paul. This place is just one bus stop from the Airport and Mall of America and a walk away from the Mississippi River. A great place – love it and highly recommend it to others.” Seare S. (Tenant since 2011)

“Great place to live. I have stayed so long because of the staff, they are always willing to work you whenever a problem may rise. They are very friendly. Maintenance crew is GREAT. The area was why I moved here – shopping center across the street, on bus line, close to airport, as well as my job. Kathy and crew, I would love to say thank you! “ Darlene S. (Tenant 1992 – 2022)

“Dear Katherine, I have lived here 23 years. The workers are very helpful, especially during my recovery. I like the neighborhood. They keep it very clean and beautiful. I am able to keep my apartment very clean and nice too. I have been very happy here.” Leya M. (Tenant 1994 – 2019)

“It has been nice for a stable and clean place. They keep up with pest control. Good neighbors. Well run police presence. Affordable due to rent discounts of over 15 years. Free heat, water and trash, you can’t beat that. Taking out and installing a/c’s is appreciated. It is a well-kept property.” Code D. (Tenant since 2000)

“I like wood floors; it is better than carpet for my allergies. Good neighborhood. A lot of green space. Nice benches for resting while walking. Good, friendly neighbors.” Ruta F. (Tenant since 1998)

“Sibley Manor is a good place to live and raise kids or to have a family. The neighborhood is very safe and the community is welcoming and mostly it is convenient to go anywhere, Airport, Mall of America, you name it. The busses / public transportation are just a step away. We are glad to be part of Sibley Manor Apartments community.” Abera S. (Tenant 2014 – 2018)

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